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Seminars in Toulouse and Luleå

Seminars in Toulouse and Luleå

It is always nice to start summer with traveling! Especially in the company of science enthusiasts.

Vladimir Ulyantsev, the head of the Optimization problems in software engineering Group, had been invited to make a presentation and participate in a series of seminars at Toulouse Institute of Computer Science Research (IRIT CNRS). He presented the Group's research in the field of synthesis of finite-automaton software models, and discussed with researchers their current tasks on discrete optimization.

After a one-day stop at St Petersburg, Russia, Vladimir and Daniil Chivilikhin headed for Luleå University of Technology (Luleå tekniska university), Sweden. Together with the researchers of Valery Vyatkin's group and Professor Roopak Sinha (Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand), they conducted a joint summer school on formal methods for designing cyberphysical systems. The school was carried out under the Erasmus+ program. The participants discussed the issues of synthesis of system models, formalization of the complexity metric of the controller system, visited the laboratory with a physical model of a distributed factory.

Everything went smoothly and productively, the campus of the small but modern University seemed impressive!