Peter Klimai


Born in 1984 in Kurgan, Russia. My favorite subjects at school were physics and computer science. Studied at MIPT (2001-2007), post-graduate study at INR RAS.

In 2010 defended Ph.D. thesis in physics ("Constraints on number density of primordial black holes and their cosmological consequences").

Author of 30+ scientific papers. Some of the most interesting results include:

  • A connection between primordial density perturbations, induced gravitational wave background, and primordial black hole number density is revealed.
  • Primordial black hole production in several inflationary models is studied, including hybrid inflation waterfall, curvaton, and axion inflation models.
  • Temporal and energetic parameters of primordial black hole flare during last instants of its lifetime were calculated. Parameterizations of the results were obtained, in a form useful for experimental data analysis. These results are still being used in works of several collaborations.

Currently works on developing scientific software as well as building IT infrastructure for physical experiments. The main programming language tools used are Kotlin and Python.