Исследовательская группа

Лаборатория алгоритмов мобильных роботов

Internship at Mobile Robot Algorithms Laboratory / Internship

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Project goals include:

  • Create a framework that acts as a constructor of SLAM algorithms (researchers connect available components and add necessary modifications).
  • Implement a full set of basic components that can be assembled into the most common (fundamental) SLAM algorithms.
  • Create an infrastructure and tools for debugging and analyzing SLAM algorithms.

We develop software for Linux and ROS.

Work packages / current roadmap

  • Support components for graph-based SLAM methods.
  • ROS SLAM Testing Farm (virtualized, container based environment, for semi-autonomous SLAM algorithms testing).
  • SLAM datasets service.
  • Visual odometry framework which will allow the use of a broad range of methods, including Machine Learning and others.
  • Multi-robot SLAM implementation (including testing ROS over DDS [aka ROS2] concept).


Strong requirements: Linux, C++, and Probability theory.
Would be useful: understanding ROS concepts and experience in computer vision.

To apply, please send your CV and cover letter to internship@jetbrains.com.